Natural Resource Stewardship

Hazardous waste, oil pollution and other human influences are having a severe effect on the health of natural resources globally. Green Strategies promotes environmental stewardship centered on species restoration and monitoring of natural resources in aquatic and coastal habitats. Our natural resources education and capacity building services address a broad range of conservation issues including:

  • Monitoring and surveys of natural resources and their associated habitats

  • Outreach and education regarding contaminated sediments, their effect on fisheries and other natural resources, and the associated affect on the health of tribal and other populations

  • Development and monitoring of restoration projects and plans for natural resources in coastal, riparian, wetlands, estuarine, and other habitats

  • Outreach and education regarding environmental stewardship and species protection and reintegration, with a particular focus on avian and fisheries restoration including seabirds

  • Surveys and education to promote species conservation and restoration in oil spill response planning, contingency planning and other issues related to releases of hazardous waste and petroleum products

  • Education to communities related to the Endangered Species Act, natural resource damage assessments and other issues guaranteeing protection and revitalization of vital natural resources